San Antonio’s annual celebration of the independence of Mexico from Spain will  take place at Historic Market Square in Fall of 2020. This family-oriented celebration is free and open to the public. Special programming will include live Mexican music, Folklorico dancers, as well as food and crafts vendor booths. The event is highlighted by “El Grito” civic ceremony. 

The history of El Grito begins in the 1500s when Spain arrived in México and claimed the land as theirs. As time moved on, the citizens of México and the Tejanos felt abused and neglectead by the Spanish crown. By the year 1810, it was time to reclaim their land. On September 15th, 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest in the village of Dolores, rang the bells of his church.

“El Grito” is known as “the cry,” referring to the church bells that signified a call to action toward independence. This day remains an integral part of Mexican history and tradition. It marked the first move toward Mexican independence from Spain, launching the Mexican War of Independence. Today, it’s considered a patriotic holiday traditionally celebrated by parades, concerts, marching bands and other special programs. ¡Viva México!

Concert Schedule

2020 Schedule TBA

Saturday 11am-11pm

Sunday 12pm-8pm

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